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A simple slide puzzle game that's not meant to be anything special, just a quick timewaster. Enjoy!


((( FUN )))

This was fun, i once did a puzzle game maybe not so neat as this but still ok, anyways fun game and even some neat sound/FX to go with i had fun with the puzzles, i hope you make more sometime...

It was perfect...

Fun puzzle game and good sound/fx...


Would give a better review but is buggy

An excelent build. Smooth moves and such. You obviously took time on this and it shows I would really like to give a better review but two things stand in my way:
- One major bug (click a square whilst its moving)
- Never liked this game and god it has been done to death in flash

I love the design, especially the main title frame. The interactivity is subtle and meaningless but gives a good feel to the entire game. And the picture was cool.

you could have had 5 if...

the trick with these simple games is this:

if you have a hentai pic..thats an automatic 5

or if you have a jessica alba thats an automatic 5

people on ng are so predictable....

good try

good try so i voted it a 2

Prettty nice

I found a bug in it, one of the parts in the puzzle only makes a half a move... Anyway, I like the game, great graphics, but what about a nice soundtreck in the background?

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2.92 / 5.00

Oct 1, 2005
3:47 AM EDT
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