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Bob and Donny

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this flash blows, i like it tho

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(title in work)

Well you definitely hit the nail in the head with the description of this. Graphics were poor, sound was also bad. You need a better microphone, or perhaps you could have used speakonia or something for the computer voice. Storyline wasn't particularly funny, more just present and weak.

((( OK )))

Well first off it was very short, and after awhile the audio loop gets anoying, also it looped you may want to fix that, and why the stramge view screen??? anyways better luck next time...

first off make it longer, and I would suggest to improve on the flash short you could add more shorts and put them all on one flash instead of just the one, but having alot in one flash would make it more entertaining, and make the flash longer with more to see, You could add a "STOP-ACTION-CODE" it will help for the looping that the flash does, it will make it so that the user presses play and at the end replay, you will also need the propper "PLAY" and "REPLAY" buttons aswell, feel free to stop by the "FLASH" Forums on the newground BBS as they will help you on how to add this script into your flash...

Short and anoying but can be better just takes time, better luck next time...


i really didnt liked it at all

this suck. it too short and boring.

This was really good!

At first I was thinking: not ANOTHER dbz wannabe! but then again, seeing as stick animations dont have lame battlecries, or speech for thet matter, it might be a good animation. then i saw the end.

ANYONE who wears his hair like goku deserves a hit in the face at 5,000 miles per hour!! way to go, dude!


I'm not sure how I should put this.....

Good start, bad ending.
A kinda pointless flash.

But, then again I guess most are.

O well, make it longer and put in a story and you'll have a good creation...