The Madness Of Madness!

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Popular Review:
"I liked it, but you KILLED HIM? NO!"
No...as you can see at the VERY end, he's standing, rubbing his head. He survived...'cmon...the madness guy CAN'T die.

Goshmo and I worked on his Madness piece a bit. He animated, and i mixed the music into it, tweeking a few things to match it up right.

If you pay attention to the lyrics of the song, you'll notice that they match up to the animation at times. "I cannot take this anymore" before he thinks about committing suicide and such...pretty funny.

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coll man


Covered Madness Combat 2


Wish you could have shown all the kills!

@facumadness: Im pretty sure the "numerous deaths" was in reference to the kills "bob" made not how many times "bob" died

Smooth Animation

But overall the idea of it was kinda lame. 3/5, 5/10