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Moto Kabalt

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This is the greatest movie of all time, I've tried many times to get it through the portal and I guess Finally A year ago you guys decided to accept it.


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great movie

this far better then the 1,2, and 3rd one. the battle scences has gotten a lot better. you could have made it longer but its still good.

Tootbook responds:

I agree this is a great movie


Less than average.

First of all, a decent animator shouldn't use sprites ! It's so newbish !

Besides, the plot was just ok, the animation was very poor, and furthermore the talking sequences were very boring with a lot of mistakes ...

Maybe you should try and draw youself the characters ?


SEPHIROTH IS GOD!!!!! HE PWNS ALL!!!!!!! It's so great to see a series with a kick ass plot including the greatest thing to ever happen to the FF series in it, and that greatest thing is SEPHIROTH!!!!!!!!

No Gau! =(

Hmmm... Seph against Umaro... HMMMMM... :P At the moment I saw his opponent I just KNEW Seph would be the winner. I mean, Umaro's pretty much a weakling compared to Seph, But anyways, I really liked this one, Of course, The Duel of Seph and Umaro being the coolest part ^.^The only thing I found pretty weird was how Seph's name was written when he won, something like Sephi rot h, But aside that minor thingy, I give this one perfect score!

Tootbook responds:

I had to change the text to a different font at the last minute so it got all screwy, thanks for the ten!


This is the first flash you submitted all by yourself. I guess you're a big boy now yes you are yes you are.

Good like always why do I even review your stuff it's always good......well except for the Dialoge you could fix that. Music fit the scene animation good although the fight scene with his stats 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999 was kind of dumb, but hey its yours I can't say anything about it.

Tootbook responds:

I have no idea who you used to be