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This is an animation done for a pilot of a TV show in Western Australia.
The show will feature some more of my animation, but is mainly live action
hand puppets. The show is about learning about various Australian children,
Ziggy, the alien puppet, learns about these kids by viewing them with his
detachable eyeballs.

Pleas note:
-It is made for video export, and is pretty complex, so the .swf may run slow on your computer
-I do not have a copy of the composer's soundtrack, so feel free to hum a tune while watching
-The titles, which will be shown on the computer screen at the end, will be added in post production
-The script is not written by me

On October 1st, it will be shown, along with other peoples film work, at Luna Cinemas, in Perth



This was very impressive, the characters alone were very well presented and designed, very unique and rare around these parts to see good quality such as this i really liked it, hope to see more soon...

Make more episodes, much more...

Neat and unique character designs, keep up the good work...


Awesome graphics, no sound

The graphics were awesome but the lack of sound made it not really fun to watch. I.ve read the comments on other reviews and know why there wasn't any but that doesn't change the fact that it would have been better with sound. Anyway I hope to see more of your animation cause you really know how to make things look good!

keep it up!

Lambi responds:


no noise

i was watching it and there wasnt any music.there wasnt any sound a matter of fact.sound is a big part to me.

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Lambi responds:

The sound couldnt really be helped, sorry about that.
Ive heard a rough draft of the composers sound, and youre not really missing much, actually.


The animation was good, for the most part.

A few things looked a bit unprofessional, but I guess since it is being used on tv my opinion doesnt matter.

Heck, suff like south park gets on tv and the art is really bad.

Anyways, good work.

Lambi responds:

Really? I thpught I did a pretty good job, and the people are happy with it, so I think It'll do.


good flash, how about some sound?

Lambi responds:

-The sound is still being composed, and wont really work in sync with the .swf, as the .swf doesnt paly at the right speed, because its so complex. Its made for video, and I m not going to upload a giant video file here.

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3.69 / 5.00

Sep 26, 2005
6:45 AM EDT
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