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The Passion of Inglor 2

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Author Comments

Happy Inglor Day!

The sequel to the epic- The Passion of Inglor. Watch such events as the hanging of Judas, and the events that unfold after the ressurection of Inglor.

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I found it funny.

A bit too short though, i thought something should have happened after the rockin' dance solo. I'm not sure what, but I wanted more.

Started off promising...

Went downhill...

...Like perhaps you "need help" in doing, wearing those gorge rubber plimpsolls of yours and bopping quick-style, possibly to the nearest youth centre, to acquire some much-needed hobbies.


MessiahClock responds:

Tally ho, that is a right proper lashing I have recieved by such a strapping young madien!!!!!


Why wont my inglor submissions pass judgement?, nice job <3 j00


MessiahClock responds:

You should combine your flash with Radioactive24, he seems to have the same problem.
I <3 j00 2

It could have been good, but then it died.

The first Inglor was good. The jokes were about a simple as they could be, but it stuck with happy, funny, mildly plot-related stuff. Plus, it was short, so it didn't get old.
This Inglor could have been that good, but you just killed it. That breakdancing SHOULD NOT HAVE GONE ON FOREVER. If you pay attention to it, you get all the funniness out of it in thirty seconds. I waited for it to end, thinking it was maybe an ill-extended joke and there would be more good stuff. Instead it ends in two possible ways: One, the viewer closes it after three seconds and says "Nice, but why a whole entry for something that short?". Two, the viewer closes it after fifty seconds and says "I can't believe I wasted my time watching fifty seconds of repetitive breakdancing and migraine-inducing music. I'm going to BLAM this entry."

MessiahClock responds:

Thanks. Im sorry that you watched it for 50 seconds, but at least the overlapping looped movie clip and music clips didn't pile up enough to crash your computer.

Heil Mein INGLOR!!!!

that is so awesome! irs a shame my breakdancing Inglor got blammed. I loved this. its like our uberly delicious version of clock day! we are so going to make it better next year! and fuck you Flecky! you are teh geh! smpl! well, good to see some of the inglor stuff gettin through (i'll just resubmit around midnight!!!)

Fellow Inglor Deciple & Fellow NewGroundsian,
Jeremy, aka Radioactive24

MessiahClock responds:

I'd suggest sticking some of your extra flash material, (if you have any) together into one flash along with the breakdancing Inglor, it'll have a better chance of passing! :)
Good luck fellow Inglorite!