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A Chain Reaction Game v.3

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THE GOAL: Blow up as many particles as you can. When a particle hits an explosion, it explodes! Simple as that!

Ah, its been a while since v.2. I decided to make a version 3, addressing the biggest problems with version 2: MUSIC AND INTERACTIVITY. I added a gravity option to the mouse. Turn gravity on for a nice challenge. It gives the mouse gravity, and all the particles fly and orbit around the mouse. There are less particles with gravity on, allowing for a nice challenging frantic game of Chain Reaction.


I'm still pondering why this is .4 ponts lower than v.2...........

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It's hard to love this because it's mostly the same as the last game. That does still mean it has the good stuff of the last game! Wow, I am #1 and really any other number as everything else just says "0" with your name on it. It's too bad this thing has gotten so unpopular. At least you bring that same old goodness to it. You could have probably changed all the levels entirely.

Again, it was nice to have such a wide variety of music. The extra levels didn't seem that much better. I think my favorite is still probably the happy face level. Turning on the gravity doesn't help as much as you think. It's still mostly luck.

Not much change

The appeal to these games is very much lost on me I feel. After playing it for a couple of times, I find myself pretty bored by the whole thing, and ready to move on. The addition of a new game type with gravity does little to sway my opinion at all, it remains a rather bland and generic "game" that could definitely be spiced up with some kind of reasoning behind what you're doing. Throw in some bad guys or something. As it is just now, this is just dull.

great game

just got 3000 sumthin high lol :)


i got lucky and got 3000 lucky me


Nice game

Very nice.
My high Score is 379