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The Inglor Dance

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A frantic scramble, jumping between Flash, Bryce, Poser, Swift3D, Samplitude and SoundForge, has somehow led to this.
Finally, after decades of mystery and pie, the TRUE SHAPE of Inglor is revealed - as is his evil plan for world domination.
For more info on Inglor/Inglor Day, go here:

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That was very weird, but it was also very satisfying! It's kind of hard for me to even say why. I guess the animation was top notch. I loved how it was set up with the timer and everything. Then again, you can't really use it well. I liked when Inglor's full body was revealed to be a ball.

It makes no sense, but is fun to look at. The voice is so funny too. I appreciate how goofy it is. It's great for a short little cartoon. A pity this holiday never caught on.

wtf i have not idea what i see


Mystical. Love it <3


*dances the inglor dance*

Confused and Amused

I'm taken aback. Really, truly.

All I can say is, fun song, fun animation, and Inglor ought to now duke it out with Master Hand from Super Smash Bros. for the rights to the 'Hand with the Most Evil Plan' title.