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This is the result of two months of hard work. In this Real Time Strategy game, you have to build and upgrade an army to win the war against orcs, in 8 different missions.

Please read the instructions, you'll probably be amazed by pageflip, but anyway here's a quick summary of the controls :

M : show map
Click (on a soldier) : show stats
Shift + click : select/deselect unit
Control + click : send units there
Control + space + click : flee there
Click and drag : select multiple units

Finally, I'd like you to know that I'll keep updating this project. New units will probably come, MAYBE new missions, we'll see. I haven't had much people beta-test the final version so there might be little glitches left. If so, please tell me (Joelasticot@gmail.com).

One last thing : ENJOY!

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*lot of effort when this game was made but there's still things to fix, especially unit selection is bit clunky (it fixed in BG2) and it can be possible to tweaking some unit and mage system
*Graphic is really well polished
*mage is tool for solve problems Heal your troops and fireballs it made game easy
*Playtime is 1hr+ basically play is bit repeatitive

Reminds me of when we got a slew of Orc-slaying games after Lord of the Rings came out. Oye, those were good times.

this game is great but there is one im looking for that looks alot like this but the difference is i dont have a personal character it seemed like this was the game if anyone knows what game im talking about pleas help me out.
other then that i really like both ur games 1 and 2 really good

I thought that this was a fairly good game. My main problem was that I wasn't able to understand well. While it could have used better graphics, it was still nice for what it was. It was the kind of game where you could really go slow and steady. I'm just used to more fast paced versions of these games. It was still nice to play something different.

The music was quite good and gave off a nice medieval atmosphere. I liked the little yellow flies that were going around. They didn't do anything, but it was a nice touch. The name reminds me of the website's name. I don't like the controls that much.

its a good predecesor of battlegrounds 2 and will there be a third game?