Inglor Maker

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Apologies for lack of decent sound and such. Good work everyone who worked towards an Inglor collection!

Create your own Inglor! Watch him dance, explode, and stand stationary! Gaze in awe at the wide array of buttons, including next item, previous item, and random item! Be amazed as you discover you can hide the menu from view at he click of a button! I haven't found any major flaws... yet.

Wow it didn't get blammed! <3

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You did a wonderful job on this. My only suggestion is to add music. You had plenty of backgrounds and choices for other items, so it had a great amount of variety. Good Job!

Paranoia responds:

Cheers! Although, unfortunately adding anything now would require some decompiler or other.


lol, that was my favorite part. Not a bad amount of choices, ok graphics, and dancing. Awesome game, although there could have been music and some of the body parts didn't match up. Great game though.

Paranoia responds:

Music! Damn I knew I'd forgotten something.

I dont like it.

It makes me bored. Too less things to do, and graphics stinks.

Paranoia responds:

'Less' isn't an adjective, dumbass. And a plural doesn't 'stinks'.

I dunno...

I try to keep an open mind while viewing creations of -Paranoia- but this one just didn't seem to work for me. Better luck next time!

Paranoia responds:

Secks now plz.


Nice one Eddy! You animated way better than I can. Plus I can't use ActionScript :(

Paranoia responds:

Thanks man! (Please don't spread my name around in future :P)