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Scripted Effects 2

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Sorry about the small amount of effects this time.
We had a big problem, some people were missing so only I and benor have made effects.
For info about us and about joining us please visit www.scriptedeffects.tk.
Please visit the inventor of the group's site (me, coolroy): www.coolroy.tk.

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Lots of effects in this, truly a lot of effects. it was a lot of fun messing around with as well. Lots of stuff to do. Can't think of anything to improve . . . just keep adding more items! Keep going!


((( NEAT STUFF )))

Well notbad this was cool, all the effects were neat and did some interesting stuff, i also like how you added some music with a ON/OFF button, it was neat though, not much more then the effects with this...

More effcts, also have a "MENU" with showing all the different ones to just click right to them...

A fun effects interactive mini games sorta...



The effects were cool, i give you that, but you could've teached people how to do any of these scripts.

I can't review much here, other than the effects was good, and music was mediocre, but at least you could turn it off.

Just average, then.

~ Frost

i didn't really get it

...at all. what was the point to that?


this was really bad no offence but it needs a sound loop that doesnt make ur head explode and maybe a point to the game