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aLiveJournal: 2005/09/23

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I apologize for this entry, but I PROMISE YOU there is gratuitous violence at the end of it. But still, no, seriously, it was either this or no entry at all, and I'll be damned if lucky 7th entry doesn't make it in on time (which is in like 5 minutes).

I promise the next one will be a real entry again.

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((( DECENT )))

This was decent, i have seen a few of these and they are always great and the characters are cute and original, good animating, and always comes with a funny, nice job, keep it up...

Im not sure maybe its just me but the "LOGO" just loaded at first, not sure if that was a glicj, the characters were cool though...

Another great episode, always with the funny, keep up the good work...


Ah, so that's what you were talking about

Deer Season eh? Ok. Now I think I understand.

Obviously one of the worser movies. The cut to stick violence was a nice touch though. Is it old lost junk you found or something you whipped up?

And why must you stop the series on such a low note!? Get your ass back into gear and make some more aLiveJournals mister.


that was not funny at all and lol wow how cool is that? a little stick figure animation after you talkin bull shit for a few minutes...


That was alright. There's absolute shit on the portal at the moment and yours is one of the best so far.


sound was good but animation was cheap (this reminds me of Foamy: huracane report). I've seen worse things in the portal so decided not to blam it