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Another Childrin R Skary movie. I thought of this while at the grocery store a day or so before submitting this. Given the short amount of time I worked on it, I confess it's not Oscar material. Nor do I have decent recording equipment, so please pardon the audio quality. I hope you enjoy it all the same.

**Note: Woo! Front page! My day is officially made!**

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I watched this almost ten years ago and it has given me nightmares ever since.

Not exactly what I call creepy, but it does have a certain fiendish feel to it.

This was awesome!
Is it bad that I started cracking up when she turned into a monster and ate the lady? :p
It would've been funny if you had her say, "Thank you" at the end ;D

Aw shit!!!
*runs to the nearest supermarket and buys a bunch of bags of candy*

That's deranged

Usually when you see someone die in a scary movie, it's because they deserve it. A lot of times, that person was just unkind. This was a rather nasty subversion, because it seems like any person would turn out like this. So what's the moral? Always have candy on you no matter what time of year it is or at least if it's close to Halloween? Then again, this was probably just a scary thing featuring a truly psychotic character.

Wait, this was featured as "Comedy"?! I guess it might be played for laughs because it really is quite ridiculous when you get down to it. A girl turns into a monster because she's mad at a woman for not giving her candy in September and for being mad when she's in her house. At least we can all agree candy is good. I wonder what's going to happen to her casserole?