Quiz Time with Crono 8

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Hello again, Zyzic here with the 8th installment of my Quiz Time with Crono series. I haven't made one of these in over a year, so I thought i'd make another one, just for fun. Any and all feedback is welcome. Hope you enjoy!

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i played super mario rpg, castalvina orginal, chrono trigger, breath of fire 2!,mega man x, lufia 2. great game had a lot of fun!, 3 bosses from chrono trigger?....


my worst number

i love bosses


These Games are totally awsome.
i played all parts and i enjoyed all of em.
keep up with the good work.

Very nice.

I've always enjoyed this series. This has got to be the best one. It's difficult, the animation is high-quality, and you went outside the world of SNES with this one (don't get me wrong, I love SNES, I actually have one) Doesn't get much better than that.

what's up?

Hey you put BoF2 bosses in this game, nice. With Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG, Lufia 2, Seiken Dentetsu 3, well there's my favorites I never play Megaman but my friend play a lot in front of me and metroid and castlevania was quite easy... common man... I'm a true snes geek and I challenge you in a test of knowledge of snes games! 'cause I can see yours favorites are Mario rpg and Chrono Trigger, you played a little to megaman 7 and X cause they're we're the last of the serie no doubt, Castlevania surely because someone tell you it's was a good game Donkey Kong... everybody played it... Earthbound... well not a lot of people enjoyed that game and it's too bad cause it's really great and long. Lufia 2... I hope you enjoyed all her secrets... hmmm that's all...

See ya later dude! And make your quiz harder we're snes geeks!

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Sep 23, 2005
11:37 AM EDT
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