bownty paper towels

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you under me control. you vote me 5 now.

NOTE: you people honestly have no sense of humor!



That was the very bestest thing I have ever seen! I laughed so hard I fell of my chair, landing on a matchbox that set the house on fire. I am currently typing on my laptop with reduced batteries outside the burning house. Well, at least I'm not cold...


At first I thought that that was a loading prompt... then after a few repeats I got annoyed and looked at how big it was.. 11k! Wow, so that was all? I'd have to say it a bit amusing the first two times then it got annoying. Overall a masterpiece of modern art.

I.. Am.. In.. Awe...

OH MY GOD! HOW DID YOU MAKE THAT!? Why the FUCK isn't this listed number one in the poral!!?? This is by FAR, THE best work I have EVER seen in my intire life, and nobody, NOBODY will EVER top this.. The sex, the violence, the comedy, the smoothest animation I ever DID see... You, my friend, should persue a carrer in animation, because you are a GOD.. Jesus.. My faviriot part was when Master P and Tupac raided the McDonalds, killing all of the co-workers, and madly fucking the two surviving porns stars, Star, and Missy Teetees. My God.. THERE SHOULD BE A SEQUEL TO THIS! I can see it now.. "Bounty Paper Towl 2: The more Absorbant Tissue!"

....Yeah, you made it quick!!

I really dunno why your score is that high....
you surely have many friends! hehe The only reson why I gave you a big ONE in the overall rating is because the sound was .....a bit funny. Anyway,
please make something really funny next time!!

Kind of shitty.

But funny.

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2.05 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2001
4:28 PM EDT
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