Rick Bastard

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This is my second submission to Newgrounds. This series is about a guy who brings up really awful stuff at the wrong times. His name is Richard T. Bastard (pronounced BASS-tard...its a Latin name) or just Rich Bastard for short. If anyone likes it, you'll get to see all the kookie adventures Rick gets into.


oh man this is funny!

this is funny as hell, what more do i need to say.


That was really funny! make more!

that came outta nowhere ^^

lol i didnt see that one coming!!! rofl that was a good one, id recomend improving ya graphics as the groom's head was 2 times bigger then the bride, also the sound was a little choppy...

also heres some advice, have you ever seen the english comerdy 'the new statesman' ? the guys name is b'stard ^^ maybe you could use that instead of the bastard comment to make it look like a real family name?

ups: didnt see it coming lol
downs: the sound and graphics need work

the verdict?: i liked it, id recommend turning mr bastard isnt a series ^^ 7/10

No..no and no

Dude, that was kinda stuipid. You gotta have a bit of ....well.... the intro made my eyes hurt, so fix that and it was kinda silly to say that. No one found it funny in the soap opreas. Hope I helped.


Yeah..... He's so right on that point. Not.

However, nice work on the details. A little here, a little there, just nice. Could've been a little more realisticly made, but whatever, i aint demanding nothing.

They people were comicly drawn, and i expected it to look awful when they prepared to kiss, but it didn't. Cartoon-ish kind of music, too :)

~ Frost

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2.80 / 5.00

Sep 23, 2005
12:22 AM EDT
Comedy - Original