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southpark :The F word

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It's my first flash work and its sucky, sorry. but the idea is good.South park


ok the vocals are from South park movie but it is no easy to make alone animations so i admitt it is a good work and hey you the guy from below my review you can shut up and do your own animation alone

Why did my review get deleted?

Lol. I only said it was original. You've had worse, honestly. Some people!

Go Southpark!

I'm a fan of southpark!


Crappy animation.
Sound just taken from the film,
Just a load of sh#te.

I wouldn't mind this if...

Reviewers actually managed to realised that apart from the crappy mouth animation, this wasn't your work. I'd respect that its your first flash and I liked how you had the balls to submit it.. But please give credit where credit is due, the soundtrack and the script wasn't yours. People should of been clever enough to figure that out on their own. You said south park but please say how the sound was fully ripped of south park rather than just saying south park in the title and without explanation in the description. However congrats on your first work.

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Credits & Info

2.97 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2001
2:57 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody