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mario ensoku_kikai

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A movie. Nathaniel made it.

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oh, nice one, sam white and friend

like i couldnt have gone to the comic book store and picked this up for 5.99.
or maybe gone to some elementary school and stole a little kids drawings.
you know why they call it a movie? because things MOVE ! this is like one of those photo collaborations you see whenever you go over to your aunts house.

That website is awesome.

And this movie is the perfect companion to it.

((( HMMM )))

Well that was ok but seemed like alot of screenshots more then anything else they did look like mario and luigi and the music was ok but the flash does need more effort, kinda funny though...

More of your own creations and designs would be nice, and less flashing...

A differrent take on mario and luigi...


psychojester responds:

They're not "Screenshots" they're pictures. Screenshot, means it was captured from a screen. Wtf are you thinking? there are no mario games that look like that. How about you fuck your self, because you suck.

ummmmmmmm. . . . .

. . . what was that?


wow...go mario! that was intense