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Funky Car IV

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well i too am a juggalo. but i fail to see the connection between icp and your animation. either way i voted 0 and gave you no stars not for your icp refference, but for yourlame animation. my advice? Do better


the good:
nice graphics.

the bad:
well, it was just a boring flash loop with a weird tune playing in the background. this was just pointless.

the ugly:
add a point to your flashes!

May I ask question?

What does this particular animation have to do with ICP? From what I saw, there was no damn correlation between the animation depicted and the Detroit born rappers. If you are gonna leave an author's comment, please make so it would relate to your animation/game. Anyways, this was nothing than a loop of a car playing to a simple melody. I might have given you a point if your author's comment told me what your animation was about instead of abusing your rights and singling out something that has absolutely nothing to do with your animation. Well you ruined it. By the way, I am a Juggalo so this offends me more than it would an average person. But not only am I that, I am intelligent enough to express my opinions without using a grotesque amount of expletives and other forms of profanity.


The car was fairly well drawn, and the music was good, but apart from that... what the f*ck? Its just the same thing in a loop... why put in on NG when its clearly more of a picture than a movie?? Did you really have nothing better to do that to draw a car? Bit sad really...


That was one HAWT car!

Graphics: Car was hawt and teh shit looked kewl. Lolol 10

Style: Same reasons as above. 10

Sound: Music was rather lame D: 4

Violence: I went into bloodlust while watching this. Then I took a break to compose this review :D 10

Interactivity: I had to use my mouse and web browser just to find this movie! And when you right-clicked, a hawt menu appeared! :o 10

Humor: This movie made me laugh, then cry. Then it made me laugh again :D It was a highly emotional experience from beginning to edn! :) 10

Overall: A modern classic. You are truly this generation's artistic masters! 10