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endless line to forever

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endless line to forever.

Hope you like this one, it has something to do with marbles on the moon.

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Very impressive detail like in each prop, backround and backround scene, the way you started it was awsome and then turns into color very impressive, i love the shading detail very impressive stuff...

Wow i cant see a single thing maybe abit less randomness but that is just a little...

Very impressive artwork, lots of detail and shading should be on everyones fave list, nice work...


A Lot of Potential

Probably because it is so much tedious work to create something like this is the reason that it was submitted in this state of needing tweaking.

I think that the artist needs to know that this has the potential of being a hit, to be encouraged that all his hard work is appreciated, and that critics usually don't have the talent themselves to live up to their own standards.

Keep it up; the world needs people such as yourself to buoy it up in this teeming sea of negativity and sarcasm. Understand?

The Audio is terrible and the cuts need work

this seems like a work in progress... it's really not ready to be uploaded to Newgrounds... you have some good ideas but you really need to work on them and get your animation cleaner and your audio needs to be worked on... your transitions from scene to scene was awful... also the audio when you're drawing the door at the begining needs to be dropped...


For some reason I liked it, very good style.

nice one

extremely creative and different