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Batman : The Red Hood

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Turn off the lights and wear your headphones. Enjoy

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pretty good and dramatic! i like it!

Actually its not comfirmed this is what happened if you read Killing Joke its just another theory bouncing around jokers sick mind of what might of happened.

Pretty good and simple enough animation to like it :) If people are interested in knowing all the facts about what happened, read The Killing Joke graffic novel from 1988. Vampire95 is right, The Joker did not jump on purpose... The Killing Joke is worth reading if you have any interest in The Joker.

Well, this is kind of the true story of the joker, only have a few notes. I can't really blame you for the animation, I wouldn't have done it better myself with no experience, and the chemicals factory is called Ace Chemicals, the Joker is suposed to be pushed in. Otherwise, awesome video.

I didn't really like the animation and the dialog came through alittle fuzzy. I liked the story though and I could see you put effort into it.