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Umbrella: TSE

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Full title is "Umbrella: The Scrapped Experiments"

I figured that since I'm asked for help on flash for a while I should at least post the fruits of my work. After careful consideration, despite the fact that you gotta click stuff, maybe I'd best still class this as a movie. Anyway, as a Resident Evil fan, I played whichever games I could a lot, mostly Resident Evil 2. Sherry quickly became my favourite character, but almost every other fan hates her! But anyways, just because she's my favourite doesn't mean I can't subject her to a few experiments...

Music credits are as follows:
X Japan - Kurenai
Excel Saga - Nanka nayamunda. Kekkou nayamunda. Ichiban nayamunda
Excel Saga - Orrot, Rompponmatsu?
Mahoromatic - Yes, It Is Me
Realmguys - In the Forest of Outer Heaven
Robbie Tronco - Oompa Loompa House Mix
Lords of Acid - I Must Increase My Bust
Trumpman84 - Sonic 1 - The Final Boss
Gitaroo Man OST - Flyin' To Your Heart
Sonic Adventure 2 OST - Sonic vs Shadow
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 OST - Super Sonic
Resident Evil 2 OST - Credit line
Excel Saga OST - A, yappa, nanka, dedashiga, okashii

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Good but not great.

No offense

No offense or anything, but this sucks. Im sorry but i have to be truthful. You MAY have put effort in it, but I can tell you didnt try your best. Atleast...I HOPE this isnt the best you can do. But it was kinda funny, but its also borin at times. Just try alittle harder next time, eh?


dude wat the hell is this?this sucks!


i didn't queit like it but i only looked at it cos gitaroo man music was in it.
probably worked hard on but a bit more effort!

((( NEEDS WORK )))

This startedout to be a neat idea, but with just "JPEGS" and a button repetitve got abit anoying, the music was neat, the game does need work, more understanding of it aswell...

Well there are lots of things but the one thing that most bugs me was the "BUTTONS" instead of using butons to proceed to the next msg, just have it flow as a movie, viewers may get anoyed at always having to press the button...

A simple game but not much effort was put into it, also abit confusing, needs more work...