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Hooray! It's Patriot Day!

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This is not in any way shape or form serious - the views contained therein are not my views, nor are they the views of anyone that I know, nor is it my view that the view in the song is representative of republicans or conservatives in general.

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((( LIKE THE ART )))

The art porton of it all was really neat to see, could use some animating though, and maybe some better quality sound, for the mostpart it was nice to see the art and some of the detail but could use more...

Better animation, and more quality on music...

an interesting take on it, interesting stuff though...


I couldn't watch the whole thing

Maybe there was a decent joke in it that I missed, but I just couldn't stand listening to that hideous singing any more.

It sounds like the people who recorded it didn't like country music but were trying to sound like country music singers. Which in itself might not have been so bad, sometimes that kind of parody can be funny, but on top of it they're not very good singers. If they hadn't been a capella it might have helped. Particularly if the music was loud enough they couldn't be heard.

The drawings are pretty good, but for the most part they're kind of static. It's sort of like music powerpoint instead of music video. But that's not the real problem... it's that song.

lol, wtf waz that?

who the hell sang that? that sound like the first graders on the loud-speaker!!! the lyricz were kinda funny, and the plot wasa funny, too, it was good and bad at the same time

Liberal Jew-Run Media

All This Stuff About Bush Tires Me But The
Animation Was Kool But Not A Fan Of that
Music GD that Sucked... ut It Fit The Flash
So Anyway It Wasent all Bad..

I Just Feel Bush I Stale As This Subject...

Great Art!

You have some good skill with drawing, The problems i saw was the music didnt match the words, and it would be nice to have more animation.

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2.44 / 5.00

Sep 16, 2005
6:51 PM EDT