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The Sixth Month: part 1

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Author Comments

I believe it has good animation and its longer
Hope you like the original music

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I found it incredibly boring and the plot heavily lacking.If you want to deliver some message make it humorous or stick out in SOME way.

Save our planet!!!

That was a cool video with a nice message an' all, but the plot was ot in my taste. I'm sorry... don't be offended, but there are not many flashes like this one on Newgrounds. Even so, Irespect you for submitting this.

A Good Message

I personally thought the message was good, especially the part about where everybody just gives lip service to "saving our planet" but does nothing about it. The only really irritating thing is all the body-swaying of the characters, it kind of distracts this viewer from the current speaker of the dialog to look at the other swaying people in the same scene.

this is so boring

this seemz like itz made by a nerd, yo, r u a nerd? this looks so fuckin gay man! i hope ep #2 wud be better, this suckz my dog's ballz man!

so poorly made...

You may not think that my overall vote is fair.... But it really is...

I HATE your slow and non-fluint animation, with no thoughts on human anatomy what so ever....
I really hate your "drawing"-style... It's sloppy and very unpleasant to look at... If you look at the first scene, the couch wich the girls are sitting on are ON TOP of the dude's hand. Well that's gotta hurt.
The characters mouths are still moving after they've stopped talking. It's worse than japanese sync'ing. So baaad.

I hate voice-recording with static in it. Sounds bad and ruins the whole "yay im watching a movie"-concept... So thats a low score too.
Plus the voice-acting are kinda, boring...

The story itself was ALSO boring. There's no humor in it and nothing happens to keep my attention. You have to put in "eye-catchers" or humor in a movie to keep viewers interrested, but there's none. I really doubt that anyone found this particullar intriguing.

So overall, it's a do-over(er)... sorry


And if you have chosen to go ballistic, because of my review then please spare me from "OMG U DISS ME AND U HAVE NO GRAMMARH U RETARD" because i'm danish, and my english is just the way i need it...
Also if you get pissed of by getting a bad review, because you have made a relativ large movie, then remember that movies doesn't get high-ratings for being long...


Of to watch ep. 2

Credits & Info

4.00 / 5.00

Sep 16, 2005
5:36 PM EDT