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Author Comments

Hey again, this is PowerRangerYELLOW of the daily2oon team reporting for duty.

Sorry that yesterday sucked ass. I hope i can somewhat make up for it today.

I have FlashMX2004 but when sending your daily2oons send in flashmx or mx2004.

If you send in that new fancy Flash8 format. I will skip over flash and look for others.

Don't worry if you sent movies in flash 8. j00bie or ZeroStar will get to your movies later.

Remember to send higher quality movies since those get first pirority.

I'll do my best to not put anything you sent to waste. 24 frames per second, 550 by 400 and a white background.

Also, I have an 80's themed Daily2oon comming. so send some parts in that.

I will keep you posted here when i come up with new themes.

Todays artists are ZeckeySpaceyLizard , Fat_Badger , FLCLmonkey and OffSpringClock.

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Meh. It was okay. The only skit I get a kick out of is "Space Jam/Night at the Roxbury Theme".

((( NOTBAD )))

This was actually notbad, made me laugh on some of the clips, they were actually of good quality i was impressed, llthough the main menu was abit misleading, nice animations everyone...

A better menue with atleast some color, other then that it was reall good...

A parody i think but with more quality to it...


The earth, it spins so fast.

All the while the head-bobbing of the Roxbury remixular parody screams over the cliffs of Dover. Niiiice touch and so reminiscent of your Blue music video. And since there were three folks in the car, I have to ask... WHICH ONE WAS JIM CARREY?!

Mortality Fatality Circularity and Hilarity. I love the jigglin' boombox. And its invulernability.

Hoboton? Is that like Hoboken's sister town or something? Hmmm...

Hula + peaceful music = ... something is wrong here. Oh.

Hm... short but sweet. Good when short doesn't seem to detract. In this case, it didn't. Good good good. Yes.

decent work you've got here.

hey yellow sorry for sh*tting you in half of your flashes. Just got kinda upset at how you always made fun of flashes and didn't put in any effort. This on the other hand was decent. A lot better then the other crappy pieces you submit.

Just don't make fun of flashes and try new flash techniques to get better at animation. not too funny, lacks inspiration, but good.
the boombox turns violence into dancing!. If you keep this up you'll eventually maybe b getting a review of seven from me.
I have a question though, do you work with the star syndicate and if so do you hlep make the flash or do you just submit it?. I don't see ur name on the different flashes except indiviadually submitted ones.

decent work and keep it up!.

good way to make up for the other daily2oon


Credits & Info

4.12 / 5.00

Sep 16, 2005
5:20 PM EDT