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My girl wants to party all the time. but other than my life lets move on to buisness.

Todays are artists are flash juggernauts: ZeckySpaceyLizard , AlibinoClock , Jellyrools and SapphireFox.

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Once again great job

What more can i say?

Oh oh ohhhhhh-oh.

Zekey does epickissness. Ugh. Couldn't you have picked a better lame song? Ah well. It made the visuals wonderful by comparison, at least. #;-}>

Bedn.... with demonic eyes and spam/yen-funs... hhmmmmm... muffin.

Sped up numa = toxic, no thanks.

And finally, such promise but so short. So very short.

And thus ends my little quadpack o' minireviews. I hope it was 1/10th as enjoyable as the collab was. But I doubt it. Short, somewhat lacking collab with good moments. Just wish there were more of 'em.

weee,anotherrr daily2oonskie

lol, the epic kiss? didnt someone make that a series a loooong time ago,like around november or something,i didnt realy like the series but i did find the series a little funny,seeing how the person kept pissing people off,anyways, these toons were grrrreat

((( HAHA )))

Its been awhile since i seen one of these i have to admit funny and did make me laugh hehe, great sound?FX and i love the menu...

Funny characters, funny music, backrounds were cool with nice effects, overall funny stuff...

Whoaa very flashy almost hurt my eyes but still funny and the green men dancing was also funny...

Haha ok this one freaked me out with a very creepy feel, could be something like out of the ring haha, nice job...

Cute, and funny song, lasted about 4 seconds with the ending being funny hehe...

Anyways nice job on all 4 they are funny and entertaining...



ZekerySpaceyLizard:can u tell me wath the hell is that... 0/10

Albino clock:bad BUT A LOT OF LAUGHING 3/10

sapphireFox:lol... 0/10

jelly rools:emr ma ummmmm 1/10