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Buddhism:The Game

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Author Comments

Clear your mind and Play this Game!
It's ABSOLUTELY possible to finish the game, you have to drag the bad thoughts away, and not just hold 'em.

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Are you Buddhist?


okay umm the guy below me is retarded or something because he is making no sence but anyway ya it's a pretty decent game if you like boring games

My volume broken.

It's our religion.
You'd presented the others know how do we can get to nirvana. Well done.
In my opionion
Buddhism is a very very good religion. I pure Buddhism with no mixture of culture or another religion. I think buddhism are the oldest religion remains in this world. You can argue it coz I don't know what religion are the oldest that remains.

2007 AD=2550 BE

So, any other older than this?

Very smart

Your game is to me very relevant and shows the same clever use of both animating and programming that characterizes all your previous work: I mean that with very few resources you manage to create a fun, coherent and challenging game.
I can seriously tell that it stands to me as a modele, not by itself, but by the fact that you directly aim at which elements help improving the game quality without implying complex means. I think a good animator/programmer is someone who doesn't waste moves or graphics, and by the same doesn't mind sacrifying effects in order to reach an equal quality more straight-forwardly, for global quality induces pleasure from a gamer's point of view, and not the difficulty of the process on small details, which isn't acknowledged in most of the cases.
The concept was simple and amazing, and you set it just hard enough. A better animation matching the moments when you reach nirvana and lose would have improved the mark though. Anyway, good job, you definitely have your seat among the people who can teach flash to beginners and create complete, coherent works in a very short time.

Loomkind responds:

That's by far the best comment I ever had.
thank you for not just saying 'w00t'.

Much apreciated

goddam stupid shit

its like madness interactive, X9000. you NEED fullscreen for this to come anywhere nere not sucking ass. you are required to drag and move back, like if you had low mouse sensitivity, but if you go off the edge youre automatically dead because coming back on with the curser with PROPELL the thought. its stupid as hell, you need way more blank space, and the fact that they move while u hold them is pretty stupid with more than 1 thought.

Credits & Info

3.04 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2005
1:34 PM EDT