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Lost Without Reason

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Here's a film I just finished today for a british rapper called Micah Lei. Tell me what you guys think! I bent over backwards to finish this in time so constructive or just nice reviews would be really cool. thanks people



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Nice man

That was really good The animation was ausome the olny thing I dident really like about it is that it had rap in it im not to big on rap
but other then that ausome job


well, i know im not the biggest rap/hip-hop fan and was a bit short, but it was a pretty slick animation. a big more color also would've been cool in this animation, but the black-and-white setting to it and some color, ie. the CD poster and the redness in the eyes was pretty good. overall, it was a good flash.

Great example of professional work

So, no, the rap doesn't do a thing for me. It's there, I'm pretty indifferent about it, BUT I know that it may not have been your choice.

The animation and the style are great, but you might want to work on synching up your scene changes to the beat so that they mesh together a little better.


Im giving everything here middle scores cause I just cant stand to watch/listen to a whole rap song, so Im not gonna raise or lower your score.
Rap, though, involves hardly any talent and doenst even make you feel motivated when you're listening to it. There are no impossible solos or high/low notes and a tricky drum beat. Its just some retard ranting about how f***ed up everything is, and getting loaded off it.
Even though rap suck, I have to hand it to you, you're a pretty good animator and the characters were well drawn.

Yeah..Another rap CD promo...

Depicting crime and black on black violence..