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-----Final Update----
I should have posted this years ago, but I never thought anyone really cared enough to make it necessary.

So I'm saying it now; Sonic Chaos Factor has been cancelled for years now, as I've moved on to other things in my life that don't really involve sprite-movies and the like. I came into this simply on a sort of bandwagon, seeing all these rising freelance cartoonists and acting simply out of a fantasy that I'd become one of them, but once I actually tried I just realized that I wasn't really cut out for all the hard work that animation really involves. Thank you for all your support and whatever viewership may have come, and I doubt that anyone will even see this, but it's better than just leaving it here with the promise of something that will never come.

I'm sorry for any disappointment I've caused. Thank you for understanding.

Good news, Sonic fans, I've decided to resume work on Sonic Chaos Factor (Renamed Sonic: Quantum Leap. Don't worry, it's still the same movie/series.)! Since it's taking so long to actually get my graphics tablet, I'll start working on SCF where I left off. I've already finished the script of the first episode, so, yeah. WOOT!

...With a lot of practice after the disaster that was "Super Mario Madness", I have created this preview to a Sonic series that I'm working on...

"Sonic: Chaos Factor" is based on some of my fan-fiction which involves a secret about Sonic that even he himself does not know, Amy's "new" boyfriend, Tails' quest to prove himself, and a little spark of hope for Shadow...

I did all of the voices on this. (except for the song, of course! lol)I think I did Shadow's voice qute well.

To be honest, I kinda went a little crazy with the scenery at the end. Hopefully that won't cause a problem. I'll try to straighten things out though.


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Can't wait. :)

I've been waiting for this for.. almost 6 years.. :( I hope it's close to being done. I've been wanting to see this. :) Good work man.

Sparx-1 responds:

I just came back to this video out of nostalgia and seeing this comment broke my heart... I probably should have just mentioned that I'd lost interest in the project many years ago, but I just didn't think anyone even cared that much. I was just a kid back then - I thought making these kinds of things were a lot quicker and easier than it actually was, and I just realized that animation just isn't something I have the patience for anymore.

So I'm sorry to you, and everyone I may have let down with this trailer. Sonic Chaos Factor isn't going to happen, unfortunately. =(


I cannot wait for this. (:
Do you know when it will be finished?

Sparx-1 responds:

I've been running into a lot of time-consuming things in my life, so I'm not sure when it will be done. I'm still working on it when I can, though.


will u create a super amy? lol


i bet this will be big.


wow never thought it would be this good