Sonic Defense

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Sonic defense is the responsibility of every citizen. Our nation's acoustic resources could come under attack at any time. Therefore, it is necessary for you -- the citizen -- to be prepared. This recording will provide information you may need in an emergency. In the event of a breach of sonic security, remain calm and play these recordings at maximum volume.

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Now I thought this was going to be about Sonic, you know, the little Blue character Sega so genisoully invented? Heh, unfortunatly it turned out to be something completly different! But nevertheless it's a great game. A unique concept and smooth gameplay. keep it up!


(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
A pretty cool music player you have here. I haven't seen many on NG, and very few with some good techno on them...a genre which I really enjoy. The graphics were kind of cool in this, the falling radios were kind of bizarre.

^^Needs Improving^^
I was kind of disappointed to see that you used the same background graphic for each audio clip. You had a great idea for the background animation, but it should have varied to make this more interesting.

((( IT WAS OK )))

It was an ok game sorta fun, but also seems like it needs more to it, and much more effort, and more time, needs some little detail and stuff...

More effort and more detail, even little effects will omprove on it...

A fun game but needs some work and more effort...


I'll give you a LOT of credit for originality...

because I have never seen something on Newgrounds quite like this. Its not a quite a guide, but not just audio. Its not a music video but its not greatly interactive. Whatever this is, I like it! 9/10.

it was...ok

it was definatly something different more like a music video or sumthin it was actually pretty good so im gonna give it a good score

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3.52 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2005
1:49 PM EDT
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