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A Movie Involving Ninjas

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A fight between 2 ninjas
There isnt really any depth or story in this claymation, it's just a random ninja fight on my table.

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A fun clay movie

Another great one, I especially love the mortal kombat music with this claymation made it that much more fitting some added larger screen size would be really nice, So here was a fun clay movie here some nice visuals with the clay its really nifty to see how all the clay forms out very well this was some nice work and some nice enrgy behind it all so really nice work here, I do wish there was more clay movies such as this one.

some added larger screen size would be really nice


Glad to see a claymation ninja flash.

This was a different style of ninja flash mainly due to the fact that it was claymation which is a nice & different way to watch a ninja flash and you did a great job on it,the framerate had a good pace and the action was pretty entertaining to watch too plus the Mortal Kombat theme is always great in a flash such as this,nice work.

kinda good...

:| almost


this has to be one of the best claymation shorts I have ever seen! all of your animations are amazing works of art. keep up the good work!


How did you pull off the throws and flips by the way? it seems like it would be hard to do.