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The Little Buzzers Ep 3

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This is the PART TWO of a three-part episode. Check out Part 1 here on NewGrounds, or visit www.littlebuzzers.com for the entire series.

Also, be sure to check out Lady Bass at ladybass.net!

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I just wish that all three parts were together...each submission seems short. But still very enjoyable.


wow, greevil is evil, he chewed through the wire to get the rave sticks. EVILLL!!!!!!

Neat part 2.

I didn't realise this was a 3-part episode but it started off right when the last one ended and then the confrontation with the yellow and green buzzer about the bitten cord was a good twist and i like how it ended in the bass song,gonna go check out part 3 right now.

Haha, random person!

It was nice they made their own favorite sort of music--electronic, and that they were still dancing... Flashing music and changing frames to a displaced character was just surprising (for a moment, I thought it was Greevil).

Good job.


Nicely done on the episode continuation, i started this up and was met with this hugely intense dance scene with a very cool zoom effect and color effects. The way you turned them all into an electronic beat at the end was awesome. I like how you left this on an unknown ending as well, making the viewer really want to tune in to see what is gonna happen next. Again i was amazed by the sound in this, i really think its great how you change the tone to express a feeling in each character.


FarFromSubtle responds:

I put alot of time into their voices, I am glad you noticed the intonations.