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Jak 3: Gold Edition

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GRAPHICS: If you want to play on high quality you have to change it from the in-game pause menu, it resets from the main menu.
JUMP PAD PROBLEM: If the jump pad doesnt get you high enough then make sure that you're hitting space once. Dont hold space after you've jumped or it'll make you double jump and fall back.
After reading all of your peoples reviews I went back and made some changes, and given that most of you didnt get passed the first level, I had no choice. So here is the new version.
-Jumping is Fixed
-Graphical Update
-New Tutorial Level
-Percent Counter in Pause Menu

Here is what the game includes:
-35 levels
-24 cutscenes
-Day/Night Cycle (tied to clock, can be turned off)
-3 mini-games
-Other Extras
-Save Game/Load Game
There might be some slow-down on some of the first few levels so switch to low detail from the pause menu (not low quality, low detail changes the graphics). It'll help out in those spots where the game really slows down. And If you ever feel like the game is too dark change the Day Time to something more light. If you download the offline version (http://www.backbreaker. net/jak3offline
.zip) it comes with a game guide to help you out and it'll run faster then in your browser. Also, close other applications while playing the game, because this game is very processor intensive due to the amount of code being ran. Enjoy!

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From the excessive cursing to the blatant self-insert to the sh*tty boss design and difficulty being all over the place, to the music and slightly-off controls/graphics to the writing being so far f*cking removed from having anything to do with the games, this right here's a Goddamn meme masterpiece for Jak fans. Admittedly ambitious for the time and unironically better than the official Flash games (besides that Zelda-esque one for TPL)

when did jak say fuck?

what ever hapend to games of gondor?


Thought the game had a pretty cool concept and feel. But my biggest concern was what's the song that plays in the tutorial and forest level of the game?? It's a really relaxing loop! Will you tell me what it is? Thanks.

The-Mercenary responds:

its called A Long Path Ahead by calpomatt, I can emailed it to you if you want to PM me your email address.

Credits & Info

3.66 / 5.00

Sep 6, 2005
7:31 PM EDT