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Chair Collab

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I thank everyone who worked hard for this. This collab highlights what the world would be like without chairs, and is a general celebration of chairs in the modern world.

Vote and review sensibly, thank you please.


Nice Collab

Zekeyspacelizard: I really loved the music and the dance in this clip! I thought I was going to get up and dance! 7/10

PenisStar: Pretty funny and a little weird but overall it was pretty funny that I almost falled off the chair! xD 7/10

TrickyClock: That clip just made me want to destroy my computer! What were you thinking??? :( 4/10

RoyMaster: It was really nice but it was also sad but it was pretty enjoyable. 6/10

So all the clips on this Collab were good but TrickyClock's clip. I wonder what was wrong with his mind when it made that clip 5 years ago?

I'm going to give this Collab an 8/10.


making it up to ya buddy

well i well tell you guys

ZekeySpacelizard: it so good it make me dance.

PenisStar: bad i do not like it. it bad.

TrickyClock: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you made me scream!!!

RoyMaster: nice i like it.

Fair enough.

Tricky - was that guy who randomly appeared (Not falling off the char) Serj Tankian? It looked like him O.o;

holeh crap, crazy

Zekeyspacelizard-funny music and animations always make me laugh!
Penisstar-k that was weird and a lil gay, yet somewhat funny.
Trickyclock-i've seen other flash movies by you, but my speakers were up high and this still scared me!
Roymaster-sad story. almost made me cry...
OVERALL-compelling and worthwhile collab about chairs.

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2.63 / 5.00

Sep 6, 2005
2:02 PM EDT
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