Dragonslayer v1.2

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Hi everyone. This is an upgraded game version over v1.0. Theres a lot of changes from the original which most people played, so make sure you check it out!
UPDATE: Thanks for frontpage Tom!!
UPDATE: Made a lot of tweaks to gameplay, such as upgrades more effective, enemies fire less damage but more often, etc.

-Changed gameplay mode from 'survive for as long as possible' to 10 levels of Arthritis inducing 'fun'.
-Added shop system between each level.
-If you win, the cheatmode is revealed.
-Fixed: Level 10 now has a proper amount of enemies. It only had 2 while I was testing it and I forgot i left it on ;)

-Added a minimap for killing those hard-to-see dragons
-Improved graphics
-Cheat mode improvements
-Smaller filesize

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How do you deflect spells?



I think you could do better, i know your trying to give the idea that your in danger; but really? Do you have to have the crazy "Bourne Identity" shaky camera happening? That and if your a greedy magician wheres my money? why do i need money? Am i not a Mage? Were is my grimoire, my magic tome? my spells? Fireball, Magic missile, Lightning Bolt? why cant i just cast force field on the tower and that way you dont have to be such an expert shot?
The game is good the lack of spells and little things can be overhauled im sure but the big thing is the camera.

Could be a good game

this game has potential.....some things you should add to make it better
-a little more money to start off with..probably 200 or 250

- refillable health at the end of a level probably by 50% l(by the time you fix your tower your cant upgrade it or your spell)

- explain what is the deflection spell (i upgraded it but had no idea wat it does or how to use it)

-make the dragons slightly bigger targets (while using the targetting system at the bottom to aim at far away fragons i would miss if the were to move ever so slightly)

other than that this is a good game...has alot of potential and highly addicting, even though i keppt dying on the third wave i kept on coming back

it shoud be a nice game

but its realy realy hard, its impossible to play, the deflection system is very hard to use and mis all the time, the tower die so quikly and the dragons are very resistents, even in the beguining. the idea is great just need to add more gameplay and lower the dificultie


While it's fun, 60 minutes of play time is about the limit I can take with this game, too. Fun the first time through, a grind the 2nd... and no way I'm doing a third just for one more achievement.

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3.36 / 5.00

Sep 6, 2005
1:02 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed