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UPDATED: Now has subtitles
This is a SHORT based on an MSN convo between myself and Clock Lock. It seems I have turned her mind a bit perverted over the past few months. :O
Watch and see the actual playing out of an example of this perversion for yourself.
on a side note, Negro Arrow was created by Arrow Lock as a joke regarding his African American heritage, this is not specifically meant as a racist bit but instead playing on a joke he started. Thanks and enjoy. :)

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That's funny stuff. Are you gonna make any new animations?

I didn't like it but...

I didn't like the flash very much, of course, I could follow newgrounds trend and say "OMFG N00B U SUX GAI SHITTEE!!!!!!1111WUN" But I ain't gonna. The animation wasn't bad, and I'm sure there are plenty of pepole who like this kind of humor. Just not me.

((( OK )))

Not a bad flash here the Ending got a little anoying with the "NOISE" and all, the flash did seem abit short aswell, i did like the nice and smooth look to the Locks

You could make it longer, with a moe of a story or something, it was just way too short, and maybe bring more lock characters and such...

A funny yet short flash of locks but still entertaining, nice job, keep it up...



That was odd but funny.

WinchesterLock responds:


dude that was great

dude that wa hilarious but can you please tell me how you make that clock voice? thanks :)

WinchesterLock responds:

It is a free program called Speakonia, check on google for it.