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FBF: Art Form

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Author Comments

This is an art form. This is not a worthless movie that should be blammed. I've taken my time on it (Not that time matters) and I've worked hard so I could make cool effects. Yet for one glitch, many hated it. Also, in collaboration with the new FBFs popping up, you think this is another one of those. Well, it's not. I'm not sure why everyone wants to make an FBF now, but I can tell you that I have made FBF's way before any of those new idiots.

The good dot-and-line FBF artists are limited. Right now, n00b_l0s3r and I are the only ones to be counted as "good." Now that's cutting short!

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Alright, here's how it breaks down...

Graphics: I like the old skool...that kinda reminds me of a friend of mine that had a whole note pad of a dot traveling across a page, then it was greeted by a line, then another line and more and more shapes, it was kinda like this except on a notepad and he flipped, was pretty neat, but yeah, that's what this reminded me of...so yesh..I enjoyed it. ^^

Style: FBF...from what I've read I guess it's been done mutliple times before...but hell if I really know so meh...I'm just going by what I read...givin' ya a four.

Sound: Hey...nice, wen't along with the shapes and stuff well...good work.

Violence: ...must I go into detail?

Interactivity: ...seriously? Can't you people figure it out on your own?

Humor: Guys, come on, seriously, they're JUST shapes...they're not even doing anything remotely funny...sheeze..and they call me nuts.

Overall: As far as I can tell you did very well, kudos to you.

FBF still lives...

We aren't the only "good" ones here... Look at the Complete Randomness series... go take a peek at jantje_lover's FBF, they're also decent.

I dunno of other FBFers now, but as far as I know, we are just some of the good ones. People still call mine crap though.

FBF Randomness - Infrared currently paused for a non-FBF. Looking pretty good now.

Quest for artistic excellence?

I think its awesome that you are trying to push for more quality in FBF in the portal, and more kudos because of the work that goes into it. Heck, I am a frame-by-frame animator, and I see people running through the portal with crap all the time.

However, I cannot think of any good reason to stop anyone from submitting bad fbf into the portal. Half of them are n00bs, who are trying out flash for the first or second time. They may get blammed, however, they are trying their best and they are trying to make it as a flash animator. I remember launching my first submissions and getting well below a 2.5. It's just a matter of starting somewhere. Yes, I do believe that some of the blammed submissions are crap-ass trying to get attention for nothing. But some fbf's that are blammed are okay in my mind for beginners. Let them get blammed, thats what the portal is for.

You seem angry that everyone is running towards FBF collabs and that quality is shrinking. Well of course it is! Tons of people are trying out this trendy flash "art form", as you call it, and are trying it out. In my mind, this is a great thing! You know what disney animation studios did? They dumped almost their whole original animation department to make way for 3d animators. Those original animators were the masterminds of FBF, the best of the best, and they all worked in collab together for the common cause of good FBF. If anything, I am happy that Newgrounds has become a haven for a new breed of FBF animators. The artform is dying, and there's a site like this to revive it. Good or bad quality, it is FBF altogether.

Yours is good. Don't get me wrong. But it would have been nicer without the attitude that FBF is for the first and best. I have been in several contests and film festivals, one of my FBFs is traveling in the Media That Matters Film Festival, and if I inspire someone to try out simple line animations in FBF, I will be pleased. It may be crap, but I will tell them to press on, because FBF is a dying breed.

Good job on this one. But remember, spectacular effects can also be done by tweening. Its not all about the FBF.

-jmtb02, fellow FBF'er

theY4Kman responds:

I cannot agree with you more. I'm complaining because the quality is continuily decreasing...At an alarming rate. Only for the past few days has this happened, and it is very weird.

FBF is the only way to make a truly amazing and breathtaking animated film. Tweens can get you far enough, but once you step past the line of a 2.3 or so, you need FBF.

It is true that it is dying, and my simple, short dot-and-line animations suck badly, but it is one step forward to reviving the best animation in the planet.

Let others submit crappy FBFs, for the experience, not for shock factor. Make the annoying, trippy lines, but don't scare me. Hone your skills, for the only way to bring FBF to its best state is to show everybody its true power!


I love these fbf lines. Ther'ye so amusing. The animation was better than I thought it would be. I love this flash!

Better beat man, thats all i have to say.

I thought the it was a cool beat vid but if he had a faster stronger song then it would of rocked.

theY4Kman responds:

Some people don't like the excruciatingly fast songs...

Credits & Info

3.38 / 5.00

Sep 5, 2005
1:21 AM EDT