The life of a blammer.

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This is a short story about a noobie newgrounds blammer desperatly trying to fit in in life. This movie shows what blammers go through everyday to motivate them to blam movies without even watching them. I think this movie will help people stop being mad at blammers but insted just try to help them, because being a blammer is a sickness. Dont hurt blammers, help blammers.

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Lot of improving needed...

Okay. Several things I have to say about this movie:

1. The sound quality was terrible. You need to speak louder and more clearly. I had real trouble understanding what was said because the voices were really quiet and you tended to talk pretty fast and mumble.

2. The singing suffered the same problem. Being a singer myself, I know that you need to project your voice when you sing. In other words, sing loudly! Don't be ashamed of your singing voice. Not everyone is Timo Kotipelto, you know.

My advice would be to add subtitles, and in future, speak louder, or turn the volume on your microphone up. Another thing: it was kinda boring. It didn't really feel like it was going anywhere. So, you get a 2 from me. Nothing too new or interesting.

And the world said, "lol."

Oh my dear brother. I've gone off to college, and the M-Bot has given me the chance to write a new review for this ancient submission. What a lewd piece of shit this is, Mike. I would love the song if it weren't for the fact that it sounds like you're trying to not sing too loud because you know either mom or me would hear you and make fun of you.

Other than that it still sucks.

Though just now, writing this review, I think we should re-dub this like we did the Hitman, but I don't think it would be as easy since this doesn't exactly have much action so I don't know maybe this isn't such a good idea.

Needs work.

I like the princaple of the movie but, it was kinda boring and the sound was hard to understand because it kept fluctuating between hearing it and bearly hearing it.

That was absolutely Preposterous

That was absolutely Preposterous Very bad and pointless why has this not been blammed ? i cant even stress how badly that was the singing was really bad the animation was okay and...


magumbo responds:

Preposterous is not a proper noun. In fact, it is not a noun at all. DON'T CAPITALIZE IT YOU FUCKING FUCKFACE FUCKER.

P.S.: Your name is dumb.
P.P.S: Fuck you.


that was awesome, you smell like yellow.

magumbo responds:

ewwww... i dont smell like yellow, but you are correct in your first claim.

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2.49 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2005
3:42 PM EDT
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