FBF crazy 2!

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This is Murch back with FBF crazy 2, if you have not checked out FBF crazy, or my older brother, Urcleman's submission "Urcleman's FBF" go check both of those out. Anyways, i hope you guys at Newgrounds will enjoy this :).


((( DECENT )))

This was decent but could use some backrounds, the white backs seem to put everything out of place, the music was really good and flowed with the smoooth animation, more stuff like other animatins could also be added....

Add some backrounds, even a solid color would do something that presents the other animations better...

A fun FBF could have more effects and backrounds though...


Murch responds:

Ok, i understand about the backgrounds things, and i will take that into consideration in any other submissions. About the extra anims thing, i dont think that is a good idea cause it would clutter it. Thanks for your constructive critisicsm yet again :D

so random but so cool

that was pretty good. most of those kind of movies i dont like but this one was great. it could have been longer. i liked this one. keep up the good work.

Murch responds:

Hey! Thanks :) i will keep up the work, don't worry ;).


Hey. I'm the guy who said I wanted to make things like this for your last one. I love this one, but not as much as the other, because of color! I'm making something like this thats more random, and all Black and White! I don't like color! Please make more B&W to show people that B&W movies are good as well! You seem pretty good. Any pointers? Or an idea for a song to put in it? I don't care if it's synced or not!

Murch responds:

lol, i know it looks better without color, but most people on ng will forever say, OMG ITS TEH NEEDS COLOR :P. As for pointers, well, just make the line turn into something random, then look at it and see if it looks like anything, then change it into that :). As for the music, just get some cool techno and you are set :).


Great animation, and the song fits it pretty well.

Murch responds:

ok, thanks for the review :)

cool little flash. no music credits

it wasn't bad, but it only had a gray dot flying in the badground with something else smaller in the foreground. plus, i know you didn't make that music. its just right to give credit where it's due.

Murch responds:

i know but most people dont give credit for music, so i didnt feel the need.

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Sep 4, 2005
2:20 PM EDT
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