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Sponge and Leroy

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Yes, your character slides around a lot, you'll find if you press the oposite direction you stop.
OVER 60 HATS AND SUITS! YAY! Wait for the game to load (the little bar on the top) before you play.
My apologies with the lack of plot, but it's still fun. If the game is playing anything but perfectly, just click options and set the quality to medium or low. I'm already aware of most of the glitches, and this is just mostly testing the capabilities of this engine. Have fun.

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Neat platformer.

However, the controls could be done better.

By the way, @Vadigor, the song at the begining is "Sandstorm" by Darude.

Too short. Make a longer sequel.

If you make a sequel, make it longer. It's not bad, but sometimes it's hard to control my character.
P.S. Nice Mario Sound FX!


This game is much fun! And i saved the happy guy! I'm so happy! A couple of the monsters were annoying and there was a random dog. But I LOVE the outfits! I was a bunny! MY DREAM HASM COME TRUE!!! Great game man, great game.

((( NOTBAD )))

Well notbad it was fun and has a sorta replay value, but still could use more design to it more options, very fun, and as for the artwork notbad either controls were ok but could be more user friendly, anyways, fun game...

Lower the filesize, it would improve on more people watching this, nice work though...

A fun game with a few fix's it can be better...


What is that music !?!?!?!

You really don't want to tell anyone do you?

Apart from that, lousy controls...