thats our saddam 10

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stool butt productions presents: that's our saddam 10!


((( HA )))

This was really good, not sure if i seen the others or not but i will after this, i did find this funny its humor is just what i like, very bazar and funny even if it is on the sick side hehe, anyways great work keep it up....


mortimernova responds:

thanks! by the way, tell mom that i left the stove on and that if she wants to see her precious gucci bag again, she better stop prank calling the mailman!

Hay guyz, another review and your random flaming.

Greenly, you can go burn in hell. This is quite possibly the greatest use of random and disturbing humor ever. And, if the makers ever got that desperate, I would gladly carry their man-babies.

Now, let's talk about the scores I set up

Graphics- Not good graphics, but that's the fucking point, you tards.

Style- Comedy Fucking Goldmine, parodying many things over the whole series

Sound- better than the others, and while it's bad, it's SUPPOSED TO BE.

Violence- just for the Court TV sequence. I didn't want to do it, but something.. SOMETHING TOLD ME TO FROM WITHIN MY MIND.

Interactivity- ... yeaaaahhhhh... let's skip this, shall we?

Humor- See: Style. Once more, in case you missed it, COMEDY FUCKING GOLDMINE.

Overall- 10. It succeded in what it was made for- comedy and parodies. A WINAR IS THIS.

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mortimernova responds:

my man babies are brown...

oh yeah, thanks for the nice things you said about us... if it was a hallmark card, i'd flip it over and look at the price and say "that is so sweet... i can't believe you spent that much on a card though!"...

Not too shabby...

Not the worst and its got potential but after 10 episodes of making cartoons like this I think maybe you should try making it abit better. Its kinda sad in humor but just work up some better jokes and stuff and it'll be better.

mortimernova responds:

well, ever since we outsourced all our animating work to india and hired a team of chimps to write the jokes, i feel that we're as strong as our budget allows...


that's all i gotta say about that... totally ridiculous. funny as hell.

mortimernova responds:

you wanna see ridiculous?!? i'll show you ridiculous! look at me! i'm wearing a pie on my head! how ridiculous is that??? oh man! i'm a guy with a pie on my head! weeee! the kids might me call me dr. pie head because i've got a pie on my head! they'd say "hey dr pie head, are you a real doctor?" and i'd say "shut the hell up billy and close the curtains before your parents come home!"... or something... actually, scratch that...

What the

Yuck, I didnt like it at all.

Complete Utter nonesense

mortimernova responds:

i don't know, i thought it tasted pretty good... it had the consistency of brocolli soup with the bite of sharp cheddar... it was pretty good... i mean, i might come back again sometime but it would probably be just for the breadsticks...

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4.02 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2005
9:12 PM EDT
Comedy - Original