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White & Black

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Author Comments

Games of Gondor donates $250 to the hurricane victims in New Orleans

3 FP's in a row for me! Thanks NG

Glaiel Gamer: Organization and Monochrome (Yes, Project: Monochrome was based off of this collab entry, read below)
Smoking Chimney: Ye Olde SMASH! + The menu
Inglor: Fire Ballers
Skater000: Life of a Detective
The Mercenary: Hostile Assult

Monochrome I made BEFORE Project: Monochrome. I liked it so much I made it into a whole game, which happened to come out before the collab.

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hostile assult is an ok game could beter by adding color


Well, to be honest some of the games are okay, but I really don't understand why you chose to create this in black and white. Obviously nobody is going to want to look at that, but let's break down the games here:

Old Fashioned Quiz - Not bad at all. The questions were not ridiculously hard, and the game was totally functional. Not pleasing to the eye, but not bad.

Space Shooter - Once again, a totally functional game. To be completely honset, a very functional space shooter, not bad actually...

Terrorist Shooter - Not a bad game. I enjoyed playing this, although it had obvious flaws, I loved the fact that you added a 'take cover' option to hide from enemy fire. I died shortly after I got the machine gun though (looked like an m16 but didn't sound like one at all.)

Drive! Drive! Drive! - Now, this is where I started to have issues. What on earth is this game? If just drive straight the WHOLE game you can collect tons of money bags and never hit a single cone because they are all at the bottom. However, even doing so the timer ran out and it still said I lost. I went back to read the instructions to see if I missed something, but I couldn't find anywhere where it said I was supposed to reach a certain amount of money bags or anything. From there I realized there was no link back to the main menu so I had to play the game again and A. wait for the timer to run out or B. Hit 50 cones. 50? Seriously? Good god! Could you have been any more lenient? I had to hit 50 fucking cones to get out of that awful game. Did not enjoy this one at all.

Space Fireball Eating - Way to easy, I beat the whole game without losing a single life and then was given a message that I wasn't supposed to be able to do so. Obviously not, because the link back to the main menu is broken at that point, so I was just kinda trapped forever at my victory screen.

Well, hopefully this helps, I don't think I could break it down much easier or be any more constructive. 3/5 games were good, in my opinion, although the black and white was unbearable to look at for the most part.

interesting concept...

but all in all sort've annoying, maybe if the color had more then just be a color, like be involved and had something to do then just be there, it would be better.

A mixed bag.

Another collab, another set of reviews...

Ye Olde Smash!

What can I say? It's another Smash game, which is always good. The old movie film filter over the top of proceedings was a little annoying, but other than that it was another solid Smash entry, with ridiculous characters and jokes, and some great questions. the fact that two thirds of the screen was taken up by superfluous rubbish was bad though, should have just had the game first and foremost.


Well this is a more basic version of the full game, witha ll the problems the original had in regards to enemies dissapearing off the side of the screen and getting you from behind. Much more frantic fast paced version, with powerups now being randomly dropped by enemies. Is one of those games without an end though, and you just keep going for the highest score possible.

Hostile Assault

Quite an annoying game, with the enemies seemingly spewing the same two lines of dialogue in a bizarre Arnie like impression every two seconds. The fact that for the first 5 enemies they run to the exact same spot and follow the exact same routine of: get shot, fall, throw grenade is also very poor. Having the enemies at least be randomly popping up all over the screen from the start would be a lot better than that, which quickly grew boring.

Life of a Detective

easily the worst game in the collab. It looks like it was thrown together in about 2 minutes. th background doesn't even loop correctly and is thus jerky as hell, really making it difficult to see properly when travelling at high speed. The gameplay itself is pretty uninspired too. Pick these up, avoid these. And for some reason I still "failed" after picking up 50 money bags? Poor.

Fire Ballers

Another poor game. It at least has more polish on it than the detective game, but the gameplay is just as boring and trite. And makes no sense. Why are we trying to catch fireballs? Maybe if they were supposed to be something else like cargo falling out or something, but fireballs? And why make it about fireballs in a medium where your game is going to be presented in black and white? The game was ridiculously easy, involving nothing more than moving your mouse left and right. I grew bored at level 11 long before I had even lost a life.

Overall, this isn't a great collection, with only Ye Olde Smash and Monochrome realizing the full potential of the format and making enjoyable games out of them.


you need to make you games more in depth. Make a turd black and white its still a turd... I did not like this at all

Credits & Info

3.19 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2005
8:52 PM EDT