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The super invsible robots

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You should vist my website, www.Zanandeddie.tk

Me and my bro came up with the idea of this ages ago prolly when i was around 10.
8 years later id figure i would actually impliment this idea, and put it to good use by making a short cartoon about it, i had a lot of fun with this one, not much Animation in this one, but with the few parts that are animated i put forth by best effort, I used speical photoshop effects on some parts of the Animation, i might explore using more photoshop Animation in my next cartoon.

Voice acting for this one was hard, Epsically with my really good voice actor not being interested in the concept, i guess i just gave him a really bad picth for the idea...Anyway, having only two voices avaliable, me, and my friend, I had to do a lot of improvisng, first i got this really nifty program called “Audicty” allowing me to change my voice, for orbital prime i deepened the pitch of my voice, and i screamed a lot making voice acting in my house hard, epsically when my mother has to hear me scream “IM GOING TO BITE OFF YOUR ROBOCOCK YOU FUCKING JEW-BOT” at the top of my lugs. Poor mother...Sigh..

For shovels robotic voice, my friend Ashleed “Aka Future ninja” (Also the dude who made the intro song for my cartoon) Showed me a program called a “Vocoder.” they used it in the late 80's for disco music, and thats what they also used for the robotic sounding voices in the old transfoumers cartoon, nifty!

I would like to Thank AshleeD for help with the music.

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this ones


cool one

that was a pretty cool animation... pretty good drawings in this one and the characters were pretty unique and original. the only thing i didn't care a lot for in this one was the audio. perhaps you should fix it or change it.... otherwise, this was a pretty cool animation and i liked viewing this one.


It was entertaining, does need some more animation though, but as for the robots it was neat, and very fun, also might want to think about lowering the filesize if you can, anyways nice flash keep it up..

Lowering some of the file so its not so big would be a start....

Interesting idea of robots but abit long on load times...



So this is a pic with audio ... pretty smart for a lazy person. The Audio was pretty damn fu!@#$ng funny, so I'll give you props for that. The intro was hilarious. the rest............... hummmmm come on man!!

washyourhandsman responds:

Yeah...People complaned the actual cartoon was boring, so i did something to fix that up, I also fixed some of the voices. If your in the mood, feel free to check it out again.