Pix- ex- el V.3

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This is the last pix-ex-el game before the movie, codename: Pix-ex-el. Your new weopen is the aims 25. This game has 50 levels.

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(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
A decent game. The graphics kind of reminded me of the Virtual Boy, seeing how everything was a shade of red, but it doesn't really look that great here. Cool music though.

^^Needs Improving^^
Game is a bit repetitive and boring if you ask me. The enemies all look pretty much the same and hitting them really isn't that hard either. As I said, the graphics were interesting, but I don't think they really look all that good here. Definitely needs some more color.


This was ok, but could be better, the "GRAPHICS" and detail was very bland and could be much better, i did find that the "SHOOTING" and aimer was good very good and responded well to the controls and clicks, so notbad there just work on some detail abit more...



So boring its all the same its to loopy

Problems, problems...

The basic idea for the game is quite intact, but there are a few things that keep me from rating this one decently.

1. Games of this nature, especially one with fixed scoring and levels, should have some kind of losing condition. There doesn't seem to be a point where the cyborgs actually put that autocannon to USE.

2. There are laws that allow the use of parts of copyrighted material, but to rip off a band's hard work (even if the Gorillaz are cartoons, Dare is owned and copyrighted) is quite simply piracy. Check the submission guidelines.

3. Unless level 35 is somehow different than level 6 (except for 29 more enemies), it's simply too repetitive.

4. It's spelled "transmission". Call me a stickler, I've taught grammar and worked as an editor. I hate types -er, tipos - I mean, typoo -- never mind.

Try harder with more stuff

At the beginning it was fun but i kept it going to see if anything hapened and nothing did. Dont get me wrong here, it was a fun game its just that agter about 2.5k points i stopped cause i figured that there were better games to play. I did figure out that the level went up to 50 and then stopped, i thought that was a genius idea (cause if it went farther most computers would have a serious glitching problum) lol. Well keep it up and put more backrounds and sound efects (maybe some diffrent guns and things comming from more angels...). See ya and im going to play your other stuff. lol

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2.13 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2005
8:19 AM EDT
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