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Porno Creep

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Thanks to NG for the front page feature.

This is my second full length flash I've done so don't be nasty to me if its bad. But I am proud of it even if you are not.

***To everyone who keeps asking what the title has to do with the toon, the title is the name of the song that plays. I dunno why its called Porno Creep but w/e***

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Um, yeah.

Meh. Looks like you spent about a week on this, maybe. When the description said 'Violence with a fresh art style' I honestly expected something with a storyline. However, some of the animations were delightfully creepy. I just don't feel like you spent enough time on this.


This is pretty nice. Odd, yes, but probably my favorite part was the dancing caterpillar one. The monkey part creeped me out. It was freakier than I am. Well done, well done indeed.

Don't worry I'm an adult

I understand that this is just a combination of some flashes you made. No need for a plot. Good job. I'd like to see what else you can do with these ideas.

this sucked

this is just random shit of fucked up little cretures...BLAM THIS!!