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Aevarron's Coliseum

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=Click Read More= King Aevarria of Aevarron setup a Coliseum to find the finest warriors and entertain the good people. But can you become World Coliseum Champion?

Yep. Flash Fighting game with an unlimited season mode and battle zooming effects. Controls can be found in the game. Play practice mode first to get the hang of it, then Gauntlet and then season mode.

Everything is done by me, even composed the music. Graphics drawn with the mouse. Change the battle quality and controls in the options to suit your needs. Moves list will be out soon, on the website, but actually it's easy. You just need to play around with key combinations in the practice mode. Try holding down some keys...

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good thing that aevarria 2 is better

Interaction with the environment was a good feature. If you ever decided to make a third game in the series, perhaps consider adding it in again? It seemed to be the defining feature of the game. The cracks on the wall got noticeably bigger until they reached a max size. Occasionally, either player would get knocked out of the stage so that it needed a restart (Big white empty screen).

The defense meter was a nice touch too. The CPU had trouble if either one got too close. Their attacks would clip through one another. The camera movement worked and attacks actually seemed to have real force behind them. Whoever won was presented with a banner of themselves with a brief, repeating animation. The music fitted as well. A lot of seemingly small insignificant things added up in this game's favor.

This game seemed to have a certain charm that the second game lacked.

what the crap ???????!!!!!!!!!!

this game sucks ''alot"

Needs Work

This game looks very good at first from looking at the main menu and the character select; however, the actual game just does not look good or play good. The character design is not good and the art for the characters is bad. The animations are not smooth and are limited and the background just doesn't look good. The game play is also limited for it is easy to just spam the same attack again and again to beat all of your opponents. Overall a good layout with not so good game play.


Well I do understand this is a 6 year old game, so I will criticize the graphics. But the character designs are simply awful. Also there attacks are not exactly the best looking, I have to say the game play is amazing! I hope you make more games like this just focus on the character design and make the attacks look better and you have a descent game. I hope this helps you out.