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Today Daily2oon is brought to you by PowerRangerYELLOW,_WTFSN
se_hentai and jellyrools.

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I'm not feeling weird here.
But Inuyasha and the search for Shikon no Tama...god I feel like a junior high fuck once again.

PowerRangerYELLOW responds:

Really pleased that I made that inuyasha parody when it was still trendy back in 2005.

I really miss working on these old dailytoons.

Those olds collabs were a lot of fun.


roflroflroflrofl xd

the inuyasha movie was hallarious. adding to favorites.

Nice work guys

I always like to see the variety of styles these animations present. Even though the cartoons themselves are short they never fail to get their point across, and it helps you guys to refine your techniques. This is the sort of stuff that makes the newgrounds portal what it is. :D Good job! 5/5

I'd also like to take this opportunity to congratulate TomaO2 on brilliantly abusing the review system by posting a ton of unrelated statistics! :D

good toons, good music, good review,weeeeeeeeee

powerrangerYELLOW- so people dont even have to watch the show, they can just watch your summary

actionmes_brother- i wanna buy some

_wtfsnoe- uh oh spegetios, see,my comp does hate daily2oons,the
song continued to play after the toon ended

horse_hentai- probably the bestest one on here, reminded me of what people use to do for dailytoons-put a pic on there and added some great music

jellyrools-not a great way to end a daily2oon

yeah im a noob here....

but from what i can see, you guys suck.... major ass. anyway good or whatever.

cue lame comeback