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Todays Daily2oon will contain the works of Carsonauto,ChairAttackBi
tch,Eugene Karasz and Y4Kman.

Enjoy the show.

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we are siamese if you please

Ive heard that song somewehere before where did you get it?


Rainbow haha ok, you guys love this flashing stuff dont you :-)

Oh more rainbow, abit faster this time LOL...

Eugene Karasz
Haha ok im thinking it has something to do with rainbows?

Haha ok...

Well rainbow feel to it all, some flashing and some interesting intro music LOL... the animating was ok, would like to see more though, maybe longer scenes, and more rainbow backrounds...


Well this is actually one of your better ones

This DAilytoon was actually one of the best ive seen (*daily toon wise*) great menu desighn and some really nice cartoons in this one (*not the best but hey compared to your old ones*)

I give this toon a 4/5
and a solid 7.99/or just and eight :D


it seems these are getting better by small, SMALL degrees. this one i actualyliked somewat b/c of eugene karasz sumission to it... it was hte only halfway good one.... i thin htese need o go none the less... and the guysa t new grouds need ot go in ad rip out your daily200n's and band the account that they are submitted wiht everythime one pops up and mean a perminate band.


Yay for Daily2oons!