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Lets Talk About: TV

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Check Out Lets Talk About: Tv 2! The Remake of this one!

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Freaking Hilarious

Man all that it nedded to be perfect was the sound
even though that was hilarious

that was funny as fuck!

great job on this and i nearly fell out of my chair laughing! i give you a 5 good sir! but the 9 on the review was because of the fuzzy sound...

I thought it was a good movie

that was a good movie.. I dont know why the low score

blackdog987 responds:

Cause your not telling your friends! Hahhaha, jk.
But Seriously Tell your friends!
Also Check Out the Lets Talk About: Tv Remake!

OMG! >:(

someone should make YOUR brain explode. honestly that was so disturbing, it was worse than a cow getting it up the ass by a man while giving birth to vomiting siamese twins joined at the ass....who are stupid....just like you! eat shit...if you want...i guess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the graphics need some touch ups

also go and buy a new and better mic or somthing because your voice overs were really made sound. besides that good job