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Bit short, and many spell errors, but
still, enjoy the movie

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oh what a time where, almost all the users of this hated this crew of the clock, And I was surprised that you used textaloud, since that program was used on this side of the continent, that is, Hispanics, and apparently I see that most of the English side used textaloud instead of speakonia, so it makes a lot of sense on that side!!!

Decent job

Kick ass!

To the people who waste time making movies that flame clock movies. The RCC OWNS U!! People who flame your movies are pissed that they can't animate as well as you can. I shall go waste my time flaming anti clock movies:)

Klop speaks the truth

couldn't have said it better myself comrade well done :D

LOLZ klop

very nice, funny too. I think all too many are focusing about clock movies while it is the stick movies which are the worst movies on newgrounds (yeah and by the way, nice work comrade)